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We believe buying a property in Puglia should be an exciting experience.

Where is your Second Home or Relocation Retirement Home in Puglia, And How To Get It!
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Annie Cocuzzi speaking about CasaPuglia

At CasaPuglia, we help you understand the region, the types of properties available and help you find ‘the one’ for you, whether you are looking for a relocation home or a holiday home for yourself and your family.

We recognise that you may live in a different country & not be able to visit as often as you might like, however we are there,”on the ground” to work on your behalf.

We can even help you to find a property to rent, so that you can use it is a base to explore the region and find the location that suits you best, whilst we introduce you to the properties available.

We are there as a service for you to facilitate your search by giving professional pre-purchase advise and offering a wealth of relevant information.

Our focus is to shortened the search process for you and assist you in finding a suitable property within your budget. We will act for you, as your agent, with our focus on negotiating exclusively on your behalf. We do not act as Selling Agents, we are not retained by any Vendors and hence we have no partial interests and no conflict of interest.

We have good knowledge of the local estate agents and know what they are best at, respectively. You can use us for a second opinion on any property matters.

We also understand the financial & legal issues you, as the buyer, need to be aware of and how best to resolve any problems. Our openness and knowledge means we secure the best deal for you in your property search.

For our services we charge a nominal retainer for ongoing advice.

If CasaPuglia introduces you to a property that you purchase, we charge a finders fee.

Let us find your ideal home in Puglia. 

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