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Managing Your Property

When considering buying a property abroad for holiday use, you’ll need to need consider how to look after the property when you’re away.

CasaPuglia can offer you peace of mind and save you making expensive maintenance trips during the year, by providing local property management services for owners of all types of property. Our services offer the best insurance to protect your property from intrusion, to protect a decrease in value due to neglect of the property and establish a trouble free ownership abroad.

During the initial property inspection, we start drawing up a maintenance plan on a rolling annual basis. We will list any existing or potential defects and plan repair and maintenance works accordingly. Any necessary works will be scheduled to be carried out during low season. Regular inspections and maintenance planning reduces the risk of unforeseen and costly emergency repairs.

During low season, we will normally inspect your property every two weeks. Our services will cover the following:

  • Inspection of all locks, external lightning, windows, walls, roof and gutters.
  • Assessment of any dampness and mould growth, especially after heavy rainfall.
  • Garden maintenance, in accordance with the owners instructions, e.g. any new plants, flowerbeds etc.
  • Swimming pool maintenance: cleaning, protective covering and service to the circulation & water filter system.
  • Thorough airing out of the property for ventilation purposes, reducing the risk of foul air to form which may cause bad odors to set into fabrics. Poor ventilation combined with dampness can cause mould, which is expensive to rectify.
  • Testing of water supply in all water outlets.

Additional services if the property is used for lettings:

  • Upgrading of the inventory, replacing and purchasing items for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Supervision to ensure that the property is being used correctly and that any issues are observed and acted upon.
  • Services for both check-in and check-out: property inspections, maintaining deposit accounts etc.

We will produce a brief inspection protocol after each inspection, which is forwarded to the owner on request.

The management fee will depend on the type of property and level of services required. Normally, it will be a flat rate per annum and extra costs for additional works.

CasaPuglia will also give ideas and advise on enhancements and upgrading of your property for the purpose of increasing the value.

Our objective is to save you money by delivering adequate and quality management to enhance the value of your property.

Our job is to look after you property as it was our own!

Our motto is ”always on site”.