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CasaPuglia Mortgages

As one of the premier property agencies in Puglia, CasaPuglia delivers value throughout every stage of a buying your home.
Purchasing a property in Puglia is a dream that can easily become true with the right advice, especially when dealing with mortgages. CasaPuglia has established a relationship with a leading Italian bank and we can now introduce UK based clients to this bank for mortgage purposes, when buying a second home or retirement home in Apulia.
The very good news are that the bank can offer mortgage also to non-residents, something which previously was not possible.

  • The minimum loan is 50.000 euro
  • 50% – 80% loan to value of the property is possible and subject to UK income verification
  • Up to 75% loan of any refurbishment cost is possible
  • Maturity is normally 7-12 years but the bank can do up to 30 years maturity
  • The longer the maturity the lower amortizations so the lower monthly payment
  • Monthly payment of interest/installment is made on a direct debit basis
  • The interest rate is lower for lower loan to value and current indicative rate is 1.25%
  • Addition sundry purchase cost and loan fees apply

Examples: 1 Ready to move in

2 Bed LUXURIOUS Trulli in Alberobello

Investment: €265,000
80% Loan:   €212,000

You pay: €53,000

Examples: 2 Renovation Project

3 Bed Trulli in Locorotondo Sea Views – Project

Investment:             €149,000
Renovation costs: €100,000
Total Investment  €249,000
78% Loan:               €194,000

You pay: €55,000

In the face of the ‘Brexit’ furore, ‘CasaPuglia’, a leading property agency specialising in Puglia, one of the most beautiful and as yet largely undiscovered regions of Southern Italy, has formed an exclusive agreement with a major Italian bank to offer low interest mortgages to make buying a home or holiday-let in the region more easily affordable.

Borrowers can now obtain a loan of between 50%-80% at the low interest rate of 1.25% over 7 – 30 years, with a minimum borrowing of 50,000 Euro; up to 75% of refurbishment costs can also be raised.

The facility is likely to especially appeal to those over the age of 55 who are looking for the best ways in which to now freely use their pension-pots or anyone who is interested in buying an overseas property and has a deposit of 20% or more available.

One of the main areas on which the agency focuses is the Apulia district along the Adriatic side of the ‘heel’ of Italy’s ‘boot’; property prices here are currently still comparatively low and represent far greater value for money than their counterparts further north in the over popularised ‘Chiantishire’ of Tuscany and Umbria.

Commenting on his company’s unique finance arrangement, Director Johan Zetterberg said:

“With the fabulous beaches never more than 30 minutes away, a coastline protected from any new developments, its picturesque countryside and unique ‘character’ properties, Puglia has so much to offer; with our new mortgages availability, buying a property here has never been easier, whether it’s a second home for holidays or letting, or somewhere in which to retire and simply relax and enjoy life to the full, away from the uncertainties of ‘Brexit’ ”.

The agency has a huge property portfolio on its books ranging from a choice of Trulli, the stone, cone-shaped cottages and villas unique to the area, to luxury manor houses and a fully functional castle. 2 international airports serve the area.

For more information, please contact Johan Zetterberg using the form below.

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