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Renovating or Refurbishing your Property

Buying a property in perfect condition, that is ready to move in to, is possible, but often it will need some level of renovation. Walls may need repainting, bathrooms may need upgrading, and new kitchen units may need installing. If you’re considering buying a traditional holiday home such as a trullo, you might end up securing the perfect location but discover that time has reduced the actual building to a ruin needing full restoration.

You may be experienced in house renovations but find yourself in new territory in Puglia, with limited time, a language barrier and no way of assessing a contractor’s credentials. Supervising the work from abroad would require regular trips in order to control the process.

CasaPuglia offers a solution: we are experienced to handle any kind of refurbishment or renovation and will act as your local representative, your own project manager on site. We help appoint local contractors, such as architects, surveyors, electricians and plumbers, who are experienced to carry out the specialist works required for your project. As project managers, we will coordinate and supervise any work from start to finish, and keep you informed every step of the way.

When you contact us, we will spend considerable time in the project identification and budget preparation phase, in order to offer you our professional opinion on any proposed work. We aim to help identify value added items, but also make you aware about the works that could go over budget. During the pre-project phase, we let you decide the budget as well as the frequency of reporting.

CasaPuglia aims to save our clients money whilst insuring the quality of the work.